History of Mobility Rules®

2013 - Cathie Ross supports Homes for Heros®

Cathie Ross, as a Senior Mortgage Specialist for Directors Mortgage (NMLS# 207927) is proud to be a Homes for Heroes® Affiliated Lender!

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If you are active or retired military, firefighter, police officer, first responder, doctor, nurse, or teacher, you qualify for Hero Rewards!

Making life easier for disabled veterans | Mobility Rules (sg-host.com)

More than 13 percent of the American population is over 65, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. By 2030, that number will grow to nearly 20 percent. More seniors are choosing to age in place through home upgrades.


2012 - Retirement Revolution – Challenges of for an aging population

PBS.org Retirement Revolution
Retirement Revolution is a documentary showcasing the challenges of retiring for an aging population with a changing financial landscape. View videos, read stories, and access resources by visiting their website.

2011 - The Oregonian - Levels of Accessibility Gain Importance Topic: Mobility Rules CMC Designation

Would you know an accessible home if you saw one? The demand for homes with accessible features is growing and we are here to help. Mobility Rules and the Certified Mobility Consultant designation are covered in The Oregonian.

Levels of accessibility gain importance as boomer population grows | Mobility Rules (sg-host.com)

2010 - CMC Resource Directory Expands Outreach and Education with Products and Services

Our CMC Member Services were expanded with the addition of a Resources Directory plus access to a special lending program to finance home modifications for accessibility. The Directory contains listings for all 50 states including home modification grants and loans, where to find accessible housing information online and other resources compiled specifically for Mobility Rules®.

Having more accessible housing benefits the owner and their visitors!


2009 - Mobility Rules (CMC) Course offered by OnlineED a leading eduation company

Mobility Rules® selected OnlineEd.com, a leading online education company, to administer the Certified Mobility Consultant (CMC) course. OnlineEd courses are developed and provided by top trainers, coaches, and industry professionals. This association will streamline the CMC testing process and bring the course to a wider audience.

2008 - Cathie Ross receives a US Patent for Top Ten Accessibility Ruler

We are proud to announce that Cathie Ross has received a U.S. Patent for her Top Ten Accessibility Ruler, created for the Mobility Rules® program. This easy-to-use tool combines the Top Ten Rules for Accessible Living along with an easy-to-use ruler containing all the important accessibility measurements. To learn more about the ruler, or order a ruler online, visit the Mobility Rules® Accessibility Ruler page.

Ruler and booklet

Here is a convenient tool that can be easily used to establish and measure the essentials for accessible homes. The “Top 10 Guidelines for Accessible Living” are also printed on the ruler for quick reference.

The ruler unfolds to 36 inches long. Use it to measure doorways, ramp slope, wheelchair radius, and much more.

Folded size is 1″ wide x 13 3/8″ long. Design Patent No. D569,747

2008 - The Oregonian - Mobility Rules and HomeBridge Topic: Supporting Accessible Home Seach

Mobility Rules®, LLC and HomeBridge.org (accessible home search) were included in the lead story featuring accessible homes in the Oregonian real estate section on June 15, 2008.

Oregonian Article Real Estate June 2008

2007 - Retirement Revolution – Challenges of for an aging population.

CMC Membership continues to grow. Our educational outreach now includes a new video series with samples posted on YouTube. To view our channel, visit http://youtube.com/mobilityrules. Branding changes include a more universal and focused design. The Top Ten Guidelines for Accessible Living Ruler is now available for secure, instant ordering online.

Mobility Rules YouTube thumbnails

Mobility Rules Blog – YouTube Videos

2006 - Mobility Rules® created Certified Mobility Consultant Designation – CMC Benefits

Cathie Ross, owner of Bridges To Mobility and Kimberly Powell, a founder of HS1 (Home Search One, Inc.) combined forces to form Mobility Rules®, LLC. Mobility Rules® will offer training tools and education to encourage the advancement of accessible housing. Mobility Rules® is also the home of a new designation, the CMC (Certified Mobility Consultant). CMC benefits include a listing on the MobilityRules.com website directory and networking with professionals and businesses in the field.

2005 - Mobility Rules®, Oregon’s RMLS, and Fair Housing Council of Oregon – How to better serve people with disabilities.

The RMLS™ presented website enhancements to better identify accessible housing in the databases of homes listed for sale. In collaboration with Bridges to Mobility and the Fair Housing Council of Oregon, a training curriculum has been approved to educate Realtors® on the use of these enhancements to better serve the disabled community.

This year has included presentations at various real estate industry conferences, as well as the National CMLS conference, identifying Oregon as a leader in the industry for positively furthering fair housing opportunities for all individuals with disabilities.

Oregonian Article June 2005

2004 - Cathie Ross works with Fair Housing Council of Oregon to secure a Federal HUD grant.

Bridges to Mobility assisted the Fair Housing Council of Oregon (FHCO) and Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO) to secure a Federal HUD grant. This grant was awarded in September for an Education and Outreach Initiative Project. The purpose of the grant is to educate the community and enhance the search tools on the RMLS™ website allowing the public and the real estate professionals to easily identify accessible features in homes for sale.
Fair Housing Council of Oregon
September 2024 FHCO Education and Outreach Initiative Program

2003 - Outreach and Education changes the way to look “Accessible” housing in real estate.

Created a strategy for “Making a Good Idea Better” which included Outreach and Education targeting changes in the way we look at “Accessible” housing within the real estate community. Presentations were given to various real estate professionals and associations that had the power to make the changes possible.

Oregonian Article About Bridges to Mobility 2003

2000-2002 - Development of the Resource Directory – Focus: Home Accessibility features

Continued development of the Resource Directory with Realtors®, Contractors, and Service Providers who specialize and focus on finding or modifying homes to become accessible and increase mobility.

2000 - The Vision Begins – What is accessible housing?

Established Bridges to Mobility with the ultimate goal to be able to identify accessible housing allowing individuals to function independently at the highest level possible within their home environment. Focused on, “What is accessible housing?”