Looking for Financial Advice?

As an experienced Residential Loan Officer, I can help you determine what is financial feasible when buying or selling a home.

Questions to be Considered:

What is physically and financially doable?

Gather the facts. Evaluate the information. Conclude what can be accomplished. Communicate and share options to obtain the desired outcome.

What is possible?

Connect the resources based on the person’s needs. Listing current residence, buying a new home, building, or remodeling to add accessibility features. Or retirement communities that might be a good fit. Know your community and what is available to help make connections.

What is desired?

It is always recommended that you consider the person first, then the disability. People with disabilities, NOT disabled people or handicapped are not favorable to use when addressing a person.

To conclude, by not including information that is available to public, you are excluding and that’s not fair housing pratices for all people.



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