What is Accessible Housing?

Mobility Rules was created to provide outreach and education based on ADA guidelines and standards. Accessible features are important for people with varying mobility needs and enhance the quality of life for everyone in any home.

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Our Products

The Course

The course is for those looking to educate themselves on accessibility within the home environment.

The ToolKit

The Kit comes with the “Top 10 Guidelines for Accessible Living” booklet and a 36″ ruler. These products hold relevant information to the course.


Becoming a Certified Mobility Consultant (CMC)
demonstrates expertise that promotes your business.

A detailed image showing the connections and services involved in supporting a person with a disability, including medical professionals, family caregivers, real estate experts, healthcare providers, advocacy groups, needs assessment, evaluation, and resources for finding an accessible living situation while respecting the rights and dignity of the disabled individual without discrimination.

Outreach and education have never been more crucial. For us, The Human Connection remains paramount. We are passionate about empowering all individuals to find homes that align with their unique needs. Often, the indiscriminate impact of disabilities goes unnoticed. That’s precisely why we created this educational course—to enlighten and inspire people about the profound significance of accessibility within our homes.

Benefits of Getting Certified Today

  • Official (CMC) Certified Mobility Consultant Certification of course completion
  • The course covers Fair Housing inclusiveness; qualifying for 2 hours of CE Core Credit for individuals who require annual continuing education to maintain their professional license.
  • Access to exclusive Marketing Resources
  • Your Bio listing and link in our CMC Nationwide Member database
  • Receive a $20 discount when you purchase The Top 10 Guidelines Book and Accessibility Ruler Toolkit.
  • Index of Accessibility Definitions
  • RMLS Accessible Terms and Definitions

Get the Official (CMC) Certified Mobility Consultant Certification at an introductory price of $100 (a $200 value)