Success Stories

Kristin Day

A Life Changing Dream Come True

I was happily married in 1986. In 1998 to 1999, together we designed and built a custom home in Kelso, WA on 6 acres. In 2000, my husband passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack. For 5 years I worked hard to maintain my beautiful home while working full time. I had worked full time for 5 years at a construction company, 12 years at a wood products company and 4 years with a Form Rubber company.

In 2005, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In October of 2009, my condition began to worsen quickly. After working many years I had to quit my job due to my illness. I take medication that slows the progression of MS but does not stop the affects of the disease. I have a caregiver come in once a day to assist me with my daily living.

The sales experience of Tamlin was wonderful, no pressure and explained everything. She even went over to my father's house to explain the details to him as he was the one who paid for my bathroom remodel to improve my independence. This is a "Thank you" for a wonderful job done!

In the new design and layout portion of the project, a Certified Mobility Consultant (CMC) came out to the house and offered up additional ideas and options available for my new bathroom.

It was a life changing dream come true having the ability to shower by myself and be able to brush my teeth with out assistance! It has been over a year that I have done these simple tasks on my own. How do I say thank you enough?

To make this possible the following features were completed: The Installation of a curbless shower that allows rolling over on both sides and the designed for Zero Entry and wet room technology which make the entire bathroom waterproof. So I can use the shower area to maneuver around, it gives me ample room to navigate in my bathroom. We moved the sink over from the wall and not line up with the toilet so I can have more room to access the new roll under vanity with a cut out for extended sink. I was unable to brush my teeth prior to having this vanity and sink installed. We chose a storage cabinet above the toilet so as not to take up floor space. Along with maintenance free walls for easy clean up and it protects my walls from chair bumps.

Grab rails installed and located for my safety and ease to transfer to the fold up shower seat. The new pocket door allows extra clearance into and out of the bathroom. No door to get in my way, along with the wash let at the toilet completes a dream come true.

Don the foreman was kind and considerate. They put down floor protection and made sure that everything was cleaned up on a daily basis.

While they were at my home they also fixed several items in the house that were not apart of the original agreement. They delivered 110% of what they contracted and what I had asked for. Don was kind and respectful and just an overall nice person. Thank you Don!

Making the improvements to my bathroom has improved the quality of my life. Having a bathroom that I can use makes all the difference!

Thank you for everything!

Kristin Dey
Kelso, WA

This story has been transcribed by Cathie Ross in January 2011.