Future Proofing Products

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Future Proofing is a concept used to create flexible bathroom remodeling that can be easily changed based on future customer needs. By simply switching out our unique products, the bathroom can be converted to include accessible features and back again to a stylish bath. This concept allows for safe, comfortable use of the bath area by owners and visitors alike, and adds value to the home for today and the future.

Our remodeling projects include our custom Fitted Products. These allow the product being installed to be custom fitted into the remodel, to fit the space exactly. It is less expensive to use Fitted Products rather than build the project around standard products. For example, we can have grab rails cut to length so no tear out is needed to put blocking in.

Before and After

The Fitted Products technology is used in our tub-to-shower conversions. Our shower bases can be cut to fit any size needed. We have many products that can be used for safety and mobility and to upgrade the bath with modern concepts such as removable glass walls for the shower.

At left is a typical American bathroom with a tub that creates unsafe bathing conditions.
image alt text Most residential bathrooms don't have accessible features.
Imagine your current bathroom... would someone with limited mobility be able to navigate inside and out?

The new Zero Entry Base can transform your bathroom tub and shower into a fully accessible area that is stylish, easy to use, easy to clean and most importantly, a safe area to bathe.

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No need to relocate the shower drain, as it can be fitted to the existing environment.

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The low and hard to access tub is replaced by an accessible sitting tub.