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We have compiled the Mobility Rules® Top Ten Guidelines for Accessible Living along with the essential measurements you need into the Accessibility Ruler. It's so unique that it earned a patent! Now you can have a ready reference at your fingertips when out in the field or dealing with clients.

The Accessibility Ruler

The "Top 10 Guidelines for Accessible Living" are also printed on the ruler for quick reference. Folded size is 1" wide x 13 3/8" long. Design Patent No. D569,747

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By ordering tools and Certified Mobility Consultant (CMC) courses, you are helping to support our important mission: to provide inspiration and education about accessible homes for all people.

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The CMC (Certified Mobility Consultant) Designation

Now you can receive training that will help you to understand the most important guidelines for accessibility in private homes.

Currently, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires specific standards for accommodations in public places, but not for most single-family residences. The Mobility Rules® include ADA recommendations where possible as this is the commonly accepted standard. The ADA standards can be complex and many of the laws do not apply to residential real estate. The CMC course condenses hours of research into one comprehensive set of tests with information that you will find invaluable when dealing with mobility-related lifestyles.

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Live Training Classes

Training classes are available on a limited basis in the Portland metro area. Subjects include the Top Ten Guidelines and the CMC Prep Course. Classes may also be customized for your organization.

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Accessible Listings

Learn more about what accessible housing really means and how to find it by downloading our educational documents:

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